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besides the memories you've stored up, photos are among the few things that will last. 
take your time to choose someone who will capture the magic
the way you've envisioned. someone you want there with you, witnessing

the busy, the simple,
the dreamy + 
all the in-between.



"She kept my husband and I laughing and comfortable the whole time. I knew before receiving the photos that they were going to be beautiful and WOW is that an understatement. Our photos brought me to tears."

- T.B.

Alexa Young, CA

  • Do you travel for weddings + shoots?
    Absolutely! I feel like I am re-inspired and most creative when I am in a new place. Once we discuss details + location further, a travel fee will be provided if applicable. I've traveled for weddings, couples shoots, families - if it's a new adventure for us both, or bringing me to a sentimental place, I am excited to document!
  • Do you shoot film or digital?
    Both! I started shooting film on every shoot a couple of years ago. I am very partial to film, and love that I can deliver my clients the same medium our grandparent's photos are on. It feels very nostalgic and genuine. There is a limited number of shots, and is a bit more technical, which forces me to slow down and wait for a magic moment. I do shoot digital too, as more of a insurance alongside film, and strive to match the mediums as best as I can, so your gallery seamlessly flows.
  • What's your inquiry process like?
    If you are very interested in booking with me, I send a schedule link to find a time to video call (or meet in person if you'd like!) to discuss what your vision, top priorities, and answer any questions you might have. From there, if you'd like to move forward, I send a contract and an invoice for a deposit to hold your date, and count down the days!
  • Do you require a deposit?
    Yes! For weddings, 50% of the fee is due at booking and is non-refundable, and the other half is due a week before the wedding.
  • Are you licensed and insured?
    Yes to both! I would be happy to provide a COI if your venue requires it.
  • Do I need a second shooter?
    This is something we will discuss on a call, and I can tell you what I think your specific event requires. To give you a little information on it, second shooters allow me to figuratively be in two places at once. For the ceremony, getting ready, and bridal party this is especially helpful. Having an extra pair of eyes and set of hands makes the photography portion even smoother. If you have a large bridal party/large guest count, yes I recommend! For weddings with less than 100 guests, it's not as necessary.
  • Do you offer photo albums + prints?
    Yes I do! I work with a small bindery located in Europe that provides the highest quality materials. They have truly stunning linens, velvets, papers - it makes me giddy every time! It is only available to professional photographers, and allows me to customize to suit my, and my clients' styles. I fully believe in investing in hard-copies of your photos. In our digital age, I feel it's more important than ever to print memories, and rescue them from the dreaded iPhone cloud storage ha! With that being said, your photos are YOUR photos - do as you please, and feel free to print them anywhere - them being in any physical form makes me happiest! I am always here to answer any questions!
  • How long until we receive our photos?
    For weddings, the turnaround is 8 - 10 weeks. It says in your contract the exact date. For other shoots, it's about 3 weeks. Because I use so much film, it also depends on how fast they are developing - sometimes it's quick, sometimes I have to wait a while! I promise I am working on everyone's galleries as fast as I can - I am always excited to send them off!
  • Why is your pricing what it is?
    (ha, don't worry I wrote this question myself. Just want to give a more transparent picture on pricing) Photographing people artfully on film is a luxury, and doesn't suit everyone. I have a lot of experience in shooting weddings, and shooting film. Film costs me about $3 every time I hit that shutter, and if you've shot with me before, I don't hold back. It's an expensive medium for sure, and I never want to think twice about capturing a moment, and my pricing allows me to freely create and document considering the cost. I believe photographs should last through the trends, and the classic style film brings will leave you with art years to come.




Collections start at $7500. All include film and digital mediums, hourly coverage and printing rights.


Collections start at $900. Film and digital sessions, with an emphasis on documenting you authentically and artfully.


Collections start at $4000. For small, intimate events. All include film and digital mediums and hourly coverage options.

for branding + more detailed information, please inquire.

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