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Brian + Katie | Frisco, Colorado

I think about how odd the requirements of my job are sometimes. A couple reaches out, you email, maybe have a Zoom meeting, contracts are signed, and then the in-person portions are often on the most important day of their lives. This is one of those times, except best-case scenario.

I met these two over Facetime, and immediately loved their energy. They loved being near each other. They are an East-Coast-meets-West-Coast love story - so much joy and quick wit between them. We talked about the big important life things and priorities - weddings and life alike. K + B were an easy click.

We decided their engagement session needed to be somewhere that captured the Colorado fall, and the mountains that made them fall in love with the state in the first place. As soon as I arrived, we drove to Frisco that night to prepare for our sunrise shoot the next morning.

That's the funny part about my job I was referencing - you get in the car, drive late at night, with people you just met in person for the first time. Spoiler alert - I loved them right away, and there wasn't enough time to talk about all the things we could have - but, the point is, hire a photographer you would want to spend 24 hours with - on a road trip, at dinner, taking photos and all the time in-between. I am very grateful to find couples that I enjoy as people - the art comes as a byproduct of their joy.

We bonded over matchas and espresso martinis, took a couple more casual photos in their neighborhood, and enjoyed the most gorgeous sunset... best-case scenario. Can't wait for the wedding xx



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