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chloe + dylan ward | casa de gilbert - gilbert, arizona

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

chloe is full of life and sunshine. dylan is the kindest man. they are a magazine couple - can't take a bad photo, a constant joy being around them, and soooo in love with each other.

I photographed her older sister's wedding a few years ago (see it here:, so when chloe reached out, I was extra happy to document another anglin bride. their family is full of some the best people.

the getting ready time with your most important girls before the ceremony is my favorite time at most weddings... this one was no exception. there is something deeply traditional + meaningful about the women in your life, who have been preparing + investing in you through childhood and beyond, are the same women who prepare you on this day... the day you begin a life with someone.

most people don't often pause to feel the significance of the morning.

maybe I notice the sweetness more because my focus is on the "feeling" being a photographer.

but I think that's what I love, the sweetness is so completely natural, unforced. chloe had an amazing group of women behind her on her wedding day... just instinctively coming together and enjoying the sweetness.

their day was joyful + beautiful - reminiscent of the couple themselves. so beyond happy for them and their families + so thankful I was there to document it.

my highlights from a photographer's perspective:

the father of the bride toast. this is the second time i've heard their dad speak at his daughters' weddings, and he is sure to mention his own bride - their mom - and that their loveliness comes from her.

seeing all the little faces of her bridesmaids and sisters watching through the window during the first looks with her dad + dylan. (it's all these little moments that I adore witnessing at weddings - its makes them so uniquely yours.)

having my sister assist me that day, and realizing during the getting ready time that every girl there - including me - only had sisters. yay for girls!

the mother-son dance. if I'm being completely transparent, I usually a little biased towards the father-daughter dance (for obvious reasons of coming from a whole family of girls myself:). but this one was so so sweet - watching her take in the moment with her son... and watching other mothers imagine their own time dancing with their sons.

when chloe + her fellow GCU dancers broke out in choreographed dance to Shania Twain at the reception (the BEST little reception moment for me yet:)

chloe and dylan's sheer happiness together. their kindness and love can't help but be felt by those around them. congrats you two!

first look with her bridesmaids

this one.

a bride + her sisters

all the girls looking through the window at the first looks

a prayer right before the ceremony. also, those arches !

when he sees his bride as a bridesmaid. love newlyweds + love knowing an extra layer to the people I photograph - it makes it that much more meaningful.

my favorite bride + groom portrait of the afternoon