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christian + patrick | backyard wedding

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

christian + patrick had the sweetest wedding with their closest friends and family. they decided against a traditional wedding route, and instead decided to focus on celebrating a meaningful day with their bests. for starters, they had a progressive wedding... cocktail hour at one brother's, ceremony + reception at her other brother's home. lucky for everyone, they all are neighbors! it was such a creative way to involve the family and made the night feel intimate... events at home are always a favorite of mine. I loved all these photos, but am especially partial to the ceremony shots. alllll your dearest people close enough to hear your commitment to each other... loveee. christian was such a beautiful bride. it was such a treat to document this day.

when your brother catches you kissing through the window ahhaa

cocktail hour

walk to ceremony

father of the bride...




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