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hailey + jacob engagement | tempe, arizona

it really is a sweet moment as a creative when people trust your vision. I wanted to take photos in the cute neighborhood I live in, seeing it with fresh eyes. To appreicate the bright pink bougainvillea, the mature trees, the historic homes.

I like when I can take photos of a couple in love, in an everyday setting — where things feel realistic: holding hands crossing the street, sitting on the curb next to each other, having a little walk and talk.

maybe because it reminds me of real romance — my favorite times are walking down the street together with a beer, picking our favorite houses and decompressing from the day.

for many, engagement photos are the opposite of comfortable and natural. but my goal is to create an evening to remind couples that their everyday, natural rhythms with each other are the most romantic and hold so much beauty for me to capture.

thank you h + j for letting me capture your “everyday love” — you both wear it well.



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