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quincy + mark | the farm at south mountain - phoenix, arizona

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

mark + quincy were married at the farm at south mountain in october. arizona in the fall is dreamy! can't believe it has already been over a year since their wedding - it was such an intentional, beautiful day. quincy has great taste + her wedding was a direct reflection of that: timeless and romantic.

quincy was my friend + college roommate when she met and began dating mark. it was especially sweet for me to witness and photograph their commitment to each other, as I was there from the very beginning. sparks were obvious to everyone after their longest first date in history... (8 hours?) I have so many great memories from that time in all of our lives - living with girls, some dating, some getting engaged, going to school. such a quick phase. I remember how "adult-ish" (in the best way) their relationship was from the jump. I would be in the other room when mark + quincy would be on their "date" at the dining table (eating her honey sriracha chicken). they got engaged + were married the next year. love them both + loved them for each other from the start!

what makes weddings special to me is whatever is personal - the photos that truly are unique to their day, and can remind them of all the same feelings they experienced. some of my favorite photos from this wedding were of a little dress malfunction... (I laugh to this day about this, and is still one of my favorite wedding memories ever) I love quincy's face in all these - keeping calm, also laughing, also thinking "what in the actual...". her bridesmaids praying over her as she is sown up... her sister holding her dress for the seamstress. she really was the most adaptable, content, MVP bride. I think I love it because it is just real to them - so much of wedding photography today is staged, so when I witness something so funny + real + memorable, it reminds me why I love doing what I do.

sweetest first look with dad as the girls watch from afar

some of my all-time favorites...



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