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rio + chase barrett | niner winery rehearsal - paso robles, california

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

part 1 of 2. see part 2 here.

excerpt from wedding post linked here: "family weddings are the best. the people I love most, all together, to celebrate a marriage of two incredible people. Chase has been in our lives for 10+ years, so it was sweet to officially welcome him into the family. Rio, my cousin, made a beautiful bride and is a person I adore for her spunk, drive, and the way she thinks of others. As a team, they prioritized their guests in every decision, hosting a magical weekend for everyone.

although I was in the wedding, our wedding gift to the couple were these film photos I took candidly throughout the weekend. it was my first time taking photos at a wedding without worrying about timelines or shot lists - just documenting whatever caught my eye. it felt creative to document my family's happy moments through my camera, and carefree to enjoy the day as it unfolded without any pressure to do anything else but be present.

the people in these photos are some of my most important people in my life - so happy to have these little memories of their wedding. I was just documenting - nothing was forced or posed. it reminds me of the important task a wedding photographer is given: to keep your eyes peeled as if you were family, witnessing and catching moments that would remind yourself years later of how it felt to see grandma smiling with pride, her parents soaking it in, the celebration and joy at the wedding dinner. really, photos should jog your memory of the feeling - remember to have a day that was felt deeply and celebrated properly, not just a pretty one. focus less on what it looks like, and more on enjoying the moments that photos allow you to relive.

lucky me, this wedding had all the happy feelings and pretty details. enjoy these photos from my perspective - a cousin and bridesmaid, catching the happiest moments of my own family."

photos from rehearsal dinner: niner wineries in paso robles, CA

photos from wedding: terra mia in paso robles, CA

cheers xx

"heart hill"... an appropriate setting for a rehearsal dinner

the bride + groom (her dress... swoon)

my own parents

WEDDING DAY: click here !!




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