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jordan + kendrick | the emerson venue - kaufman, texas

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

jordan + kendrick are some of the most creative, joyful people and their wedding exuded all their best qualities. I second shot this wedding with my dear friend & fellow photographer chloe (you may meet her if you work with me - we do lots of weddings together) ! check out her website or her instagram (@chloe_huls) for her amazing work!

this couple really were intentional with every detail of the day - their signage, their all black dress code, their venue. my most favorite part of the day was the ceremony... I almost ALWAYS at every wedding (whether I know them or not) get teary during this time ahaha. Its the whole point of the wedding, & such an intentional time to speak promises & remember what its all about. jordan + kendrick had a worship song led by some friends - one of the most beautiful moments at a wedding ever. wish I could share the sound on here - no mics, just good chapel acoustics & hearing real people's voices. seriously so special to witness. enjoy these photos of this beautiful couple & beautiful day !!

(captions below)

started the day with a rainbow. such a beautiful symbol for a wedding day.

guests trickling in with some pretty guitar music

prayer right before ceremony

her mama watching her daughter down the aisle & the man she's about to marry (I love seeing guests do this - looking to see the groom too)

happy friends with big smiles

when you look over at a new dad dancing with his baby girl as he watches the father-daughter dance...melt

when your husband is also a barista... :)



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