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taryn wade | CU boulder - denver, colorado

Updated: May 18, 2022

I realized this was the last time taking my family's senior photos... can't even believe it. high schools, hair school, college - lots of milestones I've been able to document for our little girl gang.

time is a thief - seems like only yesterday we were living two doors down, growing up and imagining our lives this age. lots of clacking high heels, makeshift weddings with dresses made out of white towels, playing careers and grown-ups.

mookie is done with college, and rounding off the graduation train.

a benchmark that we are all grown - the best part, though, is that growing up together is my favorite.

each new season we are a little older, a little wiser, and a little more comfortable with who we are. life continues to be more rich - full of fresh perspectives, experiences and learning and loving each other more - and for that, adulting isn't so bad.

I love that I get to photograph people I love achieving big things. lots more ahead I'm sure.

a vail skiing, modelo drinking, college re-living Boulder weekend with my bestie cousins. nothing better.

so proud of you TRW xx

she's out



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