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Madi + Michael | A Backyard Tented Wedding - Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated: Jan 24

loved this one so much. these two balance each other so well - she is expressive and brings the energy, and he is thoughtful and brings the calm.

I just want to capture the little glimpses of the emotions from a transformative day: support, love, tears, celebration, laughter, peace.

so I love when grandma comes early, or when you two find each other amidst the chaos, or when you interrupt your dad getting ready. let loose and remember that weddings don't need an itinerary - all the good feelings and moments come from people - not cameras, not planning - just the feelings that were there yesterday and will be there tomorrow.

and home weddings, you already know I love - there's an intimacy and level of comfort inherent in being home. the clear tent, her style, and their interactions made this one to remember.



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