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elizabeth + dan | nashville, tennessee

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

genuine company

interesting conversation

tennessee green

a happy couple

capturing real love in their corner of Nashville.

so lucky to spend time with incredible people documenting their life and love - they make this job so great. elizabeth + dan are authentic, creative, warm and grounded. lizzie is someone I've admired for her effortless kindness, and genuine joy. she is sort of a brand in and of herself - just carries herself with so much style and grace.

in the years I've done photography, this was actually the first time I took photos for the love of it (a reminder to do that more). shooting some medium format film, 35mm point and shoot, and digital - things move slower, patience is required, but the end result is magic.

angel rays

film light leaks

love this portrait

another one of my favorites

thanks for reading. cheers!





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